About Us

We Metrix Integrated Consultants are a dynamic and growing business, focused on meeting the changing needs of our Clients. Our people are the secret of our success. By harnessing their expertise we're consistently delivering value for Clients on projects, we’re committed to providing excellence and inspiring confidence in everything we do.

Metrixs Consultant (MC) the predecessor of Metrix Integrated Consultancy (MIC) was established in 1995 as a limited company providing all engineering services in-house. In January 2010 MC rebranded into MIC and concentrated on civil and structural engineering aspects only in order to attain higher degrees of efficiency and professionalism.

Our Valuables:

- Hign-quality and professional approach to the designing objects as a base of dynamic development of the competitiveness of Africa.

- High-quality of our services based on the professionalism of every our engineer.

- Our Institute - is a team of associates, acting like a single mechanism and main value of which is the constant improvement.

We Metrix Integrated consultancy are a dynamic and growing business, with the ability and expertise for delivering structural engineering solutions on a variety of scales. We have provided valued civil and structural engineering services across a wide range of projects, in Kenya and East Africa since 1995. Our staff are the secret of our success, by harnessing their expertise we are consistently delivering value for clients on projects. We are committed to providing excellence and inspiring confidence in everything we do.
We have vast experience, covering all aspects of structural and civil engineering design in commercial, residential, retail, leisure, educational and health sectors of the market. Projects we undertake range from small scale residential houses to large scale multi storey sky scrapers.