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Structural Engineering Services

Metrix Integrated Consultancy specializes in all aspects of Structural and building engineering from conceptual analysis, through-feasibility studies to design and construction supervision. The projects undertaken include, offices, apartment buildings, hospitals, clinics, schools, factories, greenhouses, coldstores, packing halls and housing constructed of reinforced concrete, structural steelwork, timber and a variety of other building materials.

a) Structural Investigations
For Clients that wish to obtain a professional opinion or need to categorize known structural problems and their causes, we perform cursory (limited scope) site investigations and consultations. This service also includes brief recommendations for possible solutions or scoping of the overall magnitude of a problem in order to assess the extent of further engineering.

b) Condition Assessments
Evaluation report is required by code for any change in use, significant alteration or addition to any existing structure. Such report is written for clients who want assess an existing structure as part of a proposed building improvement project to see what potential Impact new work may have on the building Services typically include a field survey to document the Existing structure, a review of existing plans when available, a narrative describing the structural systems, an identification of problems with recommended solutions, and potential construction budgets.

c) Engineering Design and Plan Preparation
This service is offered to clients for new construction and projects undergoing significant chang-es to the structure. Our highly skilled engineers bring wealth of knowledge and years of practical experience to preparation of formal construction drawings and specifications suitable for  permits and construction of all types of building structures.

Plans are developed in CAD/Revit format in conjuction with architects and other consultants in phases from schematic design, design development, and final contract documents, Structural Engineering Construction contract Administration professional services rendered during the construction phase of a project to verify work is proceeding in conformance with design plans and specifications, Services typically include periodic site visits to observe construction progress, reviewing constructor's shop drawings and submittals, reviewing Contractors’ invoices and claims, resolving technical disputes, and making a final
Inspection of the completed work. This service usually required by the governing building authority.

d) Inspection
Structural Engineer reviews structural inspections and review of materials testing results to be used for building.    

Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Services to help you from surveying to final construction
Civil Engineering Services is a vast domain covering planning, designing and construction of infrastructure
such as commercial and residential buildings; transportation infrastructure including internal roads, bridges, water distribution systems such as dams, canals, sanitation; environmental infrastructure like
landscaping, city planning parks; industrial infrastructure. with tremendous growth of economy, there is a need to implement cost-effective, yet effiecient civil engineering and construction engineering practices in order to meet the mounting needs while meeting budget and time constraints.

a) Site Analysis and Feasibility Assessment
Our extensive experience in engineering and environmental analyses help clients determine the feasibility and scope of a land development project. Code/regulatory reviews, permitting inventories, preliminary layouts, time-line assessments, and cost estimates provide our clients with the information necessary to make informed decisions. Critical features and setbacks are evaluated and integrated into our existing conditions plans and guide our conceptual designs.

b) Site Engineering
All site development projects, big or small, require an engineered site plan that shows the location of
proposed buildings, site improvements, utilities, grading and roads and parking lots. Often topography, wetlands, soil conditions and/or drainage concerns are majot factors in development of an appropriate design. We provide the degree of plan detail necessary to assure that the design will be clearly understood and implemented as intended. Our staff has the experience with design solutions to meet any challenge, be it safety issues, regulatory requirements, storm water management or environmental issues. In addition to the plans, we offer advice in the planning and coordiation of technical aspects of construction projects.

c) Storm water Design
Out staff has the knowledge and experience to design your project in compliance with the requirements of the local standards. We do this by preparing storm water management plans, which include an operation and maintenance manual for storm water facilities, best management practices aimed to control the source of pollutants that could be transported by storm water runoff, as well as a spill response plan.

d) Sewage Disposal Systems and Wastewater Treatment Plants
Whether desinging a conventional subsurface sewage disposal system or a large wasterwater treatment facility, our engineers design "value-engineered" systems by bringing together expertise in Civil engineering, hydrogeology, and knowledge of local construction practices. We continually evaluate cost and performance of new and emerging wasterwater treatment technologies so that we can advise our clients on the options available for their facilites. Because of this forward vision, our specifications meet and exceed the required level of treatment. 

Learning Center

Coming Soon. Hands On training on both Civil and Structural Engineering
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Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering

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